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Bulk voice call services are not very common. But recently in India, it has gained the popularity. It is considered one of the important marketing tool. We provide prominent calling bulk service in India. You can run a voice call campaign with us at the affordable price. Through voice call, you can send the pre-recorded message to large masses of people. Our web-based voice calling service is reliable and secure. At present time when there is competition everywhere, we provide price effective voice call services for our client to promote products and services.

Our gateway ensures maximum call delivery with minimum time. You can use our services for notifications. Alerts, reminder, offers, social campaigning, marketing, etc. Our voice call delivery services are very fast. One of our unique features is that if anyone does not receive the call than system automatically redial the number.

Bulk Voice call exclusive features
  • We do not charge any extra cost for unanswered calls.
  • We deliver voice call services on Indian numbers only.
  • We charge the same price for landline and mobile number.
  • We provide personalized feature for voice message clips.
  • We filter the DND numbers.
  • We do not deliver calls in unfavourable timings. Our bulk SMS voice calls are delivered between 9 am to 9 pm.
  • The only condition is that voice clips are provided by the client. Our team can only assist in creating a voice campaign.
Why choose us?
  • Web-based control panel
  • Instant delivery
  • Database support
  • We charge only for answered calls.
  • No hidden charges.
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We are the leading Voice call service in India. We are different from others because we provide unique calling feature, where customer receive calls from the landline number and 90 % of the people receives the call considering it as a genuine call. This results in high conversion rate. For more details, you can contact our team.

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