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About us
About us

We are the leading SMS marketing Company in India. We understand the need of every business whether small size or big size and provide the robust solution. We are the one-stop solution to provide integrated cloud communication solutions across SMS. Our SMS solution is cost effective and provides end to end SMS marketing services. We have fast, reliable and secure SMS marketing services. We have unmatched high level of standard services.

We provide SMS service to many companies like
  • Real estate
  • Auto Manufacturer & Dealer
  • Bank and Insurance company
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Telecom
  • Start-ups
  • Stock
  • Schools and many more.

We help companies and individuals to increase profits and revenues and to improve their branding through our SMS services. We are one of the largest SMS service providers in India and taking our services at global level. We have the unique and robust solution. Today there is competitive scenario everywhere and promotional strategies are also changing with the competition. So, in a current situation, it is important to connect with maximum numbers of people.

Bulk SMS is a great way of marketing. No personal calls are required customer can read the message whenever he/she gets time. You can import the bulk contacts and send bulk SMS with a single click. Our services are not restricted to promotional marketing. With SMS services, you can connect with clients, sales unit, employee, friend, colleague, business partners etc. you. We at SMSguruh provide the innovative solution in the field SMS services.

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Why choose us?
  • World class technology to ensure the best quality
  • We have more than 10000 happy customers
  • A team of proficient and skilled employees
  • We provide 365*24*7 support
Our Mission
  • To make our customers happy and satisfied with our global SMS services.
  • To be recognized as the top SMS marketing leader in the world with our highest quality services. We have robust and unique SMS marketing solution.
How our SMS web panel works

Now subscription of mobile users is increasing day by day and companies are demanding SMS services. We provide a web panel to our client. It is an account through which client can send SMS to the desire list of customers. Our web panel is very easy to use. You can customize the list of the contact numbers and send the SMS accordingly. The SMS gets delivered in 10 seconds to end a number of customers. Though your account you can check the status of undelivered SMS and the reason behind it.

Why we are different